Low Voltage Switchgear Panels

McKibbin Engineering specialise in low voltage switchboards, motor control and distribution panels, being manufactured in our Bangor workshops. Once built, we deliver to site and our trained engineers ensure each section is placed and linked together. All of our switchboards are built in line with British Standard EN 61439 and can be manufactured in a variety of sized, shapes and colours.

  • Standard or bespoke arrangements
  • BS EN 61439 Standards
  • CE Marked
  • Up to Form 4 Type 7
  • Built in multi-sections for easy delivery and installation
  • Available with door interlocked switches or switches behind lockable and glazed doors
  • Any size, shape and colour
Control Panels

All control panels are built to the highest standards and are fully compliant with the relevant British and European standards and directives. For smaller control panels “off the shelf” enclosures are employed, the enclosures are of high quality with IP ratings up to IP65 , and are finished RAL 7035 standard grey (as with our larger enclosures any colour may be specified)

For Larger enclosures, multi section switchboards and MCCs, we use a modular framework system. The system is manufactured by Elsteel, and comprises a framework enclosure encapsulated by screw-on panels of sheet steel, hinged doors (fitted with lockable handles if required), together with many other refinements to suit your indvidual needs. The MCC system is fully extendable to suit your future needs and separation design from Form 2 through to Form 4 Type 7 can be achieved.

  • Standard or bespoke arrangements available
  • Standalone or wall mounted solutions
  • Available to integrate into an existing switchgear product
Automatic Changeover Panels

McKibbin Engineering offer a variety of solutions for multiple power supply switching. We manufacture a selection of Automatic changeover solutions to suit the diverse needs of the modern power supply market. All changeover solutions are rated at the current of the main primary transformer supply. The KVA rating of the generator is not neccessarily reliable as often a generator is used that is too large or too small; it is the rating of the implemented protection and load that is more applicable. If unsure, check the rating of the first piece of upstream protection.

  • Bespoke arrangements available
  • Manufactured using motorised ACBs or MCCBs using shunt trip or under voltage technology
  • Available manufactured using contractors
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks used
  • Full system backup and changeover or essential supplies and non-essential load shedding
  • Bypass arrangements available
  • Arrangement for more than one generator or mains supply also available
UPS Input/Output Panels

A UPS is typically used to protect equipment such as computers, data centres, telecommunication apparatus or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power outage could cause injuries, fatalities, serious disruption to business or loss of data. We manufacture UPS switchboard panels to suit our customer’s requirements both large and small systems, powering entire data centres, buildings or industrial plants.

  • Various UPS arrangements
  • Constant feed of the UPS system
  • Castell Interlocked Systems
  • Bypass Switching Systems
  • AC / DC Power Systems